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How to whiten your teeth with strawberries

Written By Michael Bluestone - June 18, 2013

Perhaps professional grade tooth whitening is not in the budget at the moment. While it is ideal you use professionally created custom teeth whitening/bleaching trays you can opt for a more affordable option that will take a shade of yellow away. Due to their acidic content, strawberries in replacement of carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel can effectively whiten your teeth.

How to whiten your teeth with strawberries:

Step 1: Mash 1 strawberry in a bowl with a fork

Step 2: Add a half a teaspoon of baking soda with the mashed strawberry

Step 3: Mix together

Step 4: Dip your toothbrush into mixture and brush teeth

Step 5: let strawberry/baking soda mixture sit on teeth for 5 minutes and rinse