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Average Cost of Dental Veneers

Written By Michael Bluestone - February 11, 2013

While costly, people are on occasion cosmetically inclined to purchase veneers administered by a dentist. Veneers are considered desirable when a tooth's surface is damaged or the dentine (surface below enamel) is a shade other than white making it impossible to achieve a white smile. Veneers are either composed of composite or porcelain.

The average cost of dental veneers

Prepare to be shocked because for the price of a mouth full of dental veneers you could potentially buy a brand new car with the average cost of veneers being around $12,000 to $15,000. In higher income cities there have been reports of dentist charging $35,000.

Debra of Rochester, NY: 10 Veneers on Upper teeth at a cost of $10,000

'I always hated my smile and never smiled, this has been life changing for me. Final veneers/crowns will be placed 1/30 but the temporaries look amazing. It's not an easy or quick process. But in the end it's completely worth it-but please find the right dentist"

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Becca of Manila, PH spent $8,000 on what she was lead to believe were 28 porcelain veneers

"I had all of my 28 teeth done. Dentist said they were all porcelain veneers, but now I am not so sure. The procedure that was done was similar to that of crowns, whereas almost the ENTIRE tooth is covered. End result? Thick, bulky and short teeth on the side; while my front teeth (upper and lower) looked unnatural."

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She is right about the bulk; it looks as if she could chew through a tree with those chompers!

Jo of Johns Creek, GA: 16 Veneers for $18,000

"Finally, I found a dentist that a co-worker recommended. He spent a lot of time explaining the procedure and what I could expect."

"I don't believe in having debt except for my home, so I did not want to borrow the money so I paid cash. In hindsight, for this, I would have borrowed the money years earlier if I knew how much better I would look. The veneers look fantastic, and he practically eliminated my overbite by the way he reduced my teeth for the veneers. THe procedure took 4 hours one day, where my teeth were prepared and I had temporaries put on. Then, 4 hours about 2 weeks later when the models of my teeth were ready."

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Presented are 3 of dozens of reviews posted on which is a website dedicated to reviews posted by patients of medical professionals. Click here to read their full list of veneer reviews. In the event you are not having all of your teeth covered in veneers it is recommended you have professionally whitened teeth either in office or using a higher end at home teeth whitening treatment that uses custom fitted whitening trays.