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Teeth Whitening Gel

Dentist Quality (22% Carbamide Peroxide) Tooth Whitening Gel

teeth whitening gel (22% Carbamide Peroxide) - tooth whitening gel

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3 Syringes (3ml ea)
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Professional Teeth Whitening Gel. Professional Results!

Professional strength teeth whitening gel by Smile Brilliant is specially formulated with the highest quality standards. To obtain the fastest and most desirable whitening results, it is important to have a high quality, dentist grade product you can count on. Our proprietary "sticky gel" formula ensures even distribution and adhesion during your teeth whitening sessions. Our teeth whitening gel is guaranteed fresh and guaranteed to work! If you're not completely satisfied with your results, we'll refund your money!

3 syringes (3ml ea = 9ml total) teeth whitening gelGood for 9 to 12 whitening sessions
6 syringes (3ml ea = 18ml total) teeth whitening gelGood for 18 to 24 whitening sessions
9 syringes (3ml ea = 27ml total) teeth whitening gelGood for 27 to 36 whitening sessions

Stop wasting time with whitening strips or overly priced bleaching gel from your dentist. Most dentists sell the same quality product in 1cc (1ml) syringes. Our product is offered in 3cc (3ml) syringes and still costs less than you'll pay anywhere else! Professional teeth whitening gel by Smile Brilliant is the perfect product in conjunction with custom-fitted teeth whitening trays.


Our Teeth Whitening Gel Is Always Fresh!

Delivers in 2-3 days. Guaranteed fresh & effective!

Smile Brilliant guarantees that our professional teeth whitening products arrive at your door fresh and effective. Both the desensitizing gel and the teeth whitening gel have a shelf life of 1 year in average room temperature conditions. The products have a shelf life of 2 years if refrigerated (do not freeze).

If you aren't whitening your teeth, they're yellowing! Get huge savings by purchasing in bulk. After all, you never know when that next date, party or wedding will spring up on ya!


How Much Teeth Whitening Gel Is Right For Me?

Teeth whitening gel by Smile Brilliant is shipped fresh and guaranteed effective for up to 2 years (when refrigerated). We sell in packs of 3, 6, and 9 syringes of 22% carbamide peroxide (optimal concentration). Each syringe is 3ml and good for 3-4 sessions (3x more than standard 1ml syringes). If your teeth are not already white, we always recommend at least 3 syringes.

For people with sensitive teeth, whitening sessions generally are shorter (20 – 40 minutes) so you will want to have a bit more gel on hand. We also highly recommend our desensitizing gel as a treatment prior to your whitening sessions. Best practice is to purchase 1 syringe of desensitizing gel for every syringe of whitening gel.

For people with already white teeth just looking for a touch-up, 3 syringes should work fine. To save the most money and ensure you are ready for that next big party, wedding, or date, get huge savings by purchasing a 9 syringe package.


Do you have sensitive teeth? No Problem!

Add Tooth Desensitizing Gel to Your Teeth Whitening Gel Order

Are your teeth sensitive to hot or cold? Have you had discomfort when whitening your teeth in the past? If so, Smile Brilliant offers a professional strength tooth desensitizing gel that eliminates the pain!

This product is sold in 3ml syringes and it is recommended that you purchase 1 syringe of desensitizing gel for each syringe of teeth whitening gel you purchase. You can add tooth desensitizing gel to your order by clicking the checkbox in the "add to cart" above. If you would like to learn more about teeth sensitivity gel, you can visit our desensitizing gel page.

Purchase 1 syringe of desensitizing gel for every syringe of whitening gel (use after each whitening session)
Use this product in conjunction with your custom-fitted trays after whitening teeth
Effective for teeth whitening or general teeth sensitivity issues.

Not to be used by pregnant women. Contact poison control if large volume is swallowed


Using SmileBrilliant! Teeth Whitening Gel (22% Carbamide Peroxide)

Step 1:  Remove The Syringe Tip
Grab the base of the hosel with one hand and twist the tip off with the other.
If you do not grab the hosel the entire tip will come off, but don't worry because it will twist back into place.
Step 2:  Apply Gel To Trays
Apply a "string" of teeth whitening gel along the front inner surface of the trays which is the portion that comes in contact with the front of your teeth.
Some people prefer dotting each tooth on the tray with gel, however we prefer the "string" because it ensures the gel gets in the crevices between the teeth.

There is no need to apply bleaching gel to the bottom or rear inner surface of teeth bleaching trays because that portion of your teeth is not visible.

One teeth whitening tray requires no more than 1/2 ml of teeth whitening gel. Smaller mouths may require a little less. Both trays combined should require about 1/4 to 1/3 of a 3ml syringe.
Step 3:  Insert Trays
When inserting your trays, try to do so in a forward pressing motion so the teeth press into the gel versus a downward dragging motion.
Begin with the rear of your teeth touching the rear of the trays to avoid pushing the gel to the bottom of the trays, thus allowing maximum contact with the front surface of your teeth. Once the teeth are in position pull the trays on to the front surface of your teeth. Once contact is made set the trays in a locked position.
Step 4:  Let The Gel Work!
The average person should use the product daily for 1 week at 1-3 hours per session.
Recommended usage varies per person based on their schedule, level of tooth sensitivity, and severity of their tooth stains. Those with tooth sensitivity should reduce their time to 1-2 hours and only use the product every other day for 2 weeks.

Experiencing tooth sensitivity? Don't let sensitive teeth keep you from a whiter smile, use our whitening desensitizing gel.
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