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Teeth Whitening System Reviews & Testimonials

Teeth Whitening Results - Proven by the 100's of Testimonials We Receive Every Year!

We don't promise one hour results; however, we do promise that if you don't see that brilliant smile within 45 days, we will give you 100% of your money questions asked!

Here are some examples of clients who have seen dramatic results. Please take the time to read some of their amazing testimonials of the dramatic whitening effect of our product and the superior results they received.

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My teeth are so much whiter now!
I had never wanted to commit to the high prices of teeth whitening, but SmileBrilliant! makes it easy, inexpensive and convenient to whiten at home. My teeth are so much whiter now!
Hannah S.
Austin, TX
Teeth Whitening Trays + 6 Gel Syringes
I am almost done the pen and I am SUPER happy with the results.
As you can see even in the two and a half weeks I have been using the SmileBrilliant! System, my teeth look more white and a lot of the stains are gone. The grey tooth you see there is a root canal that happened more than a decade ago. That will never be white but I am very happy with how they turned out.
Alisha Duncan
LED Teeth Whitening Light + 1 Whitening Pen
I love your product and really like the results that I am seeing.
The "after" picture was taken after four 1 hour whitening sessions.
Brian S.
Baton Rouge, LA
Custom Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 Whitening Gel Syringes
I am very grateful that I took the time out to try this great product!
It has really transformed my confidence and my smile.
Brittney W.
Westland, MI
Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 Gel syringes
Thanks for a great product and excellent service.
I started my 1st and 2nd treatment on consecutive days for 3 hrs each time. I found that to be a little too sensitive for my gums, so I spread it out to around every 3rd day still at 3 hrs. That seemed to be a lot easier to handle. Session 4-7 were spread out about 4-5 days apart as I travel a lot and it just didn't seem to fit in my schedule.

After the first 3 session I got used to having them in and really was no trouble at all. When I first received the whiting trays, I was amazed at how perfect they fit. I had used all of the mixture as I felt I could make a better imprint then my first one. Making the trays were pretty easy and straight forward. Although, I was pretty nervous that I would mess it up. The syringes were easy to use and had no problems with them. By the 4th session I was starting to have my doubts that it was really doing anything. I compared my 4th session picture with my before picture. I was shocked to see how much of a difference there actually was already. After my 7th session I am very pleased with the results and product, I don't remember when my teeth were this white. I think there is one side effect to the product. I have become pretty vain about looking at my own teeth in the mirror. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.
Craig Fasbender
Kimball, MI
Teeth Whitening Trays + 6 Gel Syringes
Dramatic results!
Isaiah T.
Denville, NJ
Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 Gel Syringes
I only used one syringe!
Thank you for helping me maintain my white smile at such an affordable cost and allowing me to do it in the comforts of my own home. The trays are so comfortable and so easy to use. The whole process of whitening was painless! I really appreciate your awesome customer service! Thank you again!

I only used one syringe!
Jenny N.
Cypress, CA
Custom Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 Whitening Syringes
I wanted to say SmileBrilliant! is awesome!!
I really love this product; I was a little skeptical at first because there are many companies out there that dont stand behind their product but after reading the reviews, I decided to give it a chance and I discovered that Smile Brilliant is legit. Their customer service staff was very polite and cooler than the other side of the pillow. The trays and gel got here before the estimated arrival date which was awesome! This was the first time using a teeth whitening product and I am not disappointed at all! I would definitely recommend this product!
Jose D.
Tallahassee, FL
Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 Gel Syringes
It was the same thing at a fraction of the price!
After spending $1,000's on my braces my dentist quoted me an additional $500 for custom teeth whitening trays. I went home, did a little research and came across It was the same thing at a fraction of the price!
Justin J.
Montreal, Canada
Whitening Trays + 3 Gel Syringes
The results are really amazing.
I just received it yesterday and tried it out this morning. The results are really amazing. I did it for 30 minutes and the results are so noticeable. It was easy to use and comfortable in my mouth. Thank you again. I will definitely be ordering more gel.
Kim H
Rockaway, NJ
LED Teeth Whitening Light + Pen
Amazing results!
Just after 2 treatments!
Boston, MA
Custom Teeth Whitening Trays + 6 Gel Syringes
I want to sincerely thank you and SmileBrilliant! for giving me the confidence to smile more often.
I've only used two of the gel syringes so far and the difference is already very noticeable and amazing! I also find it amazing how it even whitens in between the teeth where you floss. I've even received so many compliments saying that my smile is nice and my teeth are so white. I always give the credit where credit is due, and tell them about SmileBrilliant!. For anyone considering this teeth whitening system, I would highly recommend it. There's nothing in the market that compares to it.
Megan F.
Nelsonville, OH
Custom Teeth Whitening Trays + 6 Whitening Gel Syringes
You can actually see your results in just 1 day
SmileBrilliant! is fantastic! It is every thing anyone would need to properly achieve and maintain professionally bright white teeth all with in one package. Not only do you get, custom fitted impression trays with maximum strength bleaching gel you can actually see your results in just 1 day! They can even give you specific tips and recommendations to maintain your whitening for YEARS to come. SmileBrilliant! is like having your own professional image consultant service at your beck and call for pennies on the dollar!
Tim Clark of Los Angeles, CA
I am telling all friends about SmileBrilliant!
I wanted you to know that I use to work for a dentists office as an assistance. I would have known if your process was not the identical whitening service and process used by all the cosmetic dentists and I would have returned it but it is and I wanted to add that your staff is a very good asset to your business and you guys have really easy to use process for anyone doing this for the first time. I am telling all friends about the SmileBrilliant! Professional Teeth Whitening System
Ronda File, stationed in Tokyo, Japan
My level of confidence rose significantly
As my shades of whitening increased in the major way. My level of confidence rose significantly. It was really nice to be guy and receive compliments on my teeth especially because the color of my teeth had always been something I was very self conscious about my whole life. I just wished I had had my teeth professionally whitened at a much younger age but did not because at the time is was just not affordable.
Tony Welch of New York City, NY
I saved a lot of money and got the results I was looking for
I want to thank you. I spent a long time trying to find a really good deal on professional teeth whitening. I saved a lot of money and got the results I was looking for. I love it!
Ecchumati Chandar of Mumbai, India
I am a very happy customer!
SmileBrilliant! is probably the best deal I've found on the net ever! I am a very happy customer!
Komali Dhaliwal of Calcutta, India
It works dramatically
I just have to tell you, the SmileBrilliant! Professional Teeth Whitening Service works! I purchased your system just a few short days ago, and have gone to 3 shades whiter. If there is one thing I would advise any of your clients, whether it's for a personal improvement or professional enhancement , it would be to choose the SmileBrilliant! process. It works dramatically. Thank you for your fine service.
Julieta Fernandez of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thank You Very Much!
I just received the SmileBrilliant! Professional Teeth Whitening System. I followed the instructions just fine without any problems. It's a great well done package. I just performed my first bleaching within two hours after I received my trays and I can already tell it's going to work. Thank You Very Much!
Kim Sangwon of Seoul, South Korea
Super Service!
Just a few minutes a day every so often with the SmileBrilliant! trays makes a big difference. It's really nice that I can maintain really bright white teeth with just a few follow up bleaching but I would tell anyone who wants to get serious about getting professionally whiten teeth to become a client of yours...Fantastic System!!!
Tom Schwarz of Philadelphia, PA
Congratulations, once again, on a great service.
I considered becoming a client for over a week with the brochure and then, last month, I ordered the standard version. I am impressed with the results and now I want to order the second package for my bottom teeth. I appreciate your customers service but your follow-up mailings and now the newsletter is really nice.
Robert Wright of San Francisco, CA
Savings in Time & Money Are a Dream Come True
Not only does SmileBrilliant! allow me to cut the cost of Professional Teeth Whitening by 70% ,I also did not have to take off work to visit our dentists office. I really enjoyed buying from the team at SmileBrilliant! is unsurpassed. Frankly, I am overwhelmed at over all savings, end results and price we paid by the ease of use and sheer pleasure I experience each time I use the SmileBrilliant! system. It's been a dream come true. ...I want to thank you. I was looking a long time trying to find a true bargain for this process to do what SmileBrilliant! does. I love it.
Jennifer Winans of Washington DC, USA
Thanks for all your help.
I am very pleased with your service and Service and would recommend the SmileBrilliant! Professional Teeth Whitening System to anyone You can use my name and E-mail address for a referral if you want. I have had great results.
Thomas Kantozs of Detroit, MI
This is a "must have" Service
I have just sent in my order. This is a "must have" Service for anyone who is serious about teeth whitening. Great job of designing the system that is exactly like the dentist without the visit, I am impressed and glad I trusted you.
Dela Ball of Phoenix, AZ
We have been thoroughly impressed
I will be ordering your service and mailing in with our company check. But I wanted you to know, that since our group started to research and compare your system to what dentist have to offer "vs" the SmileBrilliant! process, we have been thoroughly impressed more than we could have imagined. It is really worth much more than your asking price and anyone who is trying to get their teeth professionally whitened is crazy if they don't order from you over going to dentist. Your Service is identical. Thanks again for the savings.
Laura VanNoy of San Antonio, TX
I am really pleased
...with the SmileBrilliant! System. It's an extremely critical part of doing all you can look your very best and for my line of work that's important.
Mattison Harris-Smith of San Diego, CA
It was money well spent
Congratulations on a terrific teeth whitening process! It was money well spent, and so far we both are very pleased.
Tad and Lisa Kershner of San Jose, CA
Thank you for developing such a wonderful system that works
I want you to know what a perfect process I think you have! It is just what I've been looking for (and many others, too, I'll bet). I write a free monthly newsletter called USA Cheers with a subscriber base of slightly over 3000 after just the second week, I sent an e-mail to all of them . Although I usually include a free fashion tips selection in each edition, SmileBrilliant! is such a powerful solution for many them I will be including the link to it in the November publication. Thank you for developing such a wonderful system that works!
Kim Kistner of Indianapolis, IN
I will save 100's of dollars
I've just started using your very impressive professional teeth whitening service. It looks as if I will save 100's of dollars my not choosing to use my dentist for the exact same process just like you said
Piers Nicholson of London, United Kingdom
Our customers couldn't be happier
Taking great pride in being a professional Image Consultant always meant giving my customers the upper hand (or edge) on their competitors. It wasn't until I used SmileBrilliant! that they got the only 'edge' I missed... Our customers couldn't be happier. Respectfully submitted,
C. Downer of Jacksonville, FL
You can really tell the difference
I was getting married and wanted to get my teeth professionally whitened before my wedding day. The closest price I could find in my area was close to $500 so I was excited to be able to get your system for much less and you can really tell the difference in our wedding pictures. I am really glad to be a client of SmileBrilliant!!
Lisa Zhou of Shanghai, China
I absolutely love having brighter whiter teeth.
My confidence has risen and I smile much more.
Bonnie Currey of Columbus, OH
I Love It!
I've been bleaching my teeth for 3 years now and love it.
Tina G. of Austin, TX
Wishes Come True
I, too, looked longingly at the white teeth of others and wished I could afford to pay the bag of gold...then, my dentist told me I could get good results with the SmileBrilliant! system.
Claudia Santos of Sao Paulo
I'm going to keep it up
My teeth are not white, but they are not that dull yellow they once were, either. They're whiter and sparkly and really clean-looking and feeling. I love it! And I'm going to keep it up.
Janine H. of Memphis, TN
No More Yellow
My teeth are naturally yellowish. Now they are noticeably whiter and my family notices and now they are going to use the system. I have been using the system for 60 days and counting. My teeth even stay cleaner longer, feeling smooth as glass with fresh breath!
Grandi B.of Baltimore, MD
Better Than The Dentist
I spoke to a woman in a store who has had costly bleaching treatments and looking at me she swore that the SmileBrilliant! Professional Teeth Whitening system gets teeth as white as the expensive bleaching treatments. I smile more and feel and look more confident!
Linda S. of Fort Worth, TX
It Works!
My teeth were a deep yellow a couple of years ago when I decided to do something about it. I too felt that I couldn't justify the expense of paying a dental technician so I skeptically tried the SmileBrilliant! system. Over the next month my teeth got whiter and whiter and didn't hurt my teeth at all.
Jeanie L. of Charlotte, NC
This service is excellent!
I was considering laser bleaching, but the cost would have put me on the street. Everyone has noticed my teeth, and my last dental checkup yielded no cavities and my gums were much healthier. There was no staining on my teeth, and my breath is fresher. No comment from my dentist or hygienist, but I know they were wondering. I do one hour a week to maintain the whiteness.
Anne Morales of El Paso, TX
I received the trays in a timely fashion
I made the impressions as the directions said - sent that off and received my whitening kit just in the time that they said. I began using the service and personally saw the difference within 3 days!
Cherry Pigh of Milwaukee, WI
My wife and I are both amazed
I was hesitant to order over the web, but the fact that the same service that my dentist was going to charge me $500 for, was also available for less, made the decision for me. Thank You!
George Wilson of St. Louis, MO
Results were phenomenal!
I ordered SmileBrilliant! off the Internet and it arrived in three days. I started immediately and the results were phenomenal. I got a lot of comments from people at work about how pretty my teeth were. I know when I smile I am exposing my teeth and people who see them take a second look. So I smile a lot more.
Bob K. of Boston, MA
I Love My Smile!
My teeth have gone from dull and yellow to bright and white in days. Thanks!
Liz Miller of Dallas, TX
Affordable Touch ups
Thanks to you all I can purchase the gel I need to keep my smile white without breaking the bank.
Gloria Gainer of Nashville, TN
As Good As The Dentist
My friend had her teeth whitened at the dentist and I used your system. Guess what? My teeth are whiter and I saved hundreds.
Terri Close of Las Vegas, NV
Now I Really Notice People's Teeth
Since using your Service to whiten my teeth I really notice other people's smiles and wonder why everyone hasn't done this!
Jeremy Pearl of Portland, OR
Finally, White Teeth
I smoke and drink coffee and brushing doesn't erase the long term effects of this because the stains soak deep into the teeth and stay there. Finally I found an affordable service that whitens my teeth.
Kris Umber of Tucson, AZ
Very Pleased
My wife and I have used SmileBrilliant! professional teeth whitening for the past year, and have been very pleased with the results. Many of our friends have commented how great your smiles look, and after hearing about SmileBrilliant!, are now your customers.
Mike C. of Albuquerque, NM
I saved hundreds
Was I ever happy when I surfed across the SmileBrilliant! wave on the internet! What can I say- I saved hundreds. I went to my dentist this morning, he said my teeth and gums looked healthy! The SmileBrilliant! professional teeth whitening system really works! Thank you for making It possible for the average Joe to have great looking teeth!
Terry B. of Long Beach, CA
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