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At Home Teeth Whitening Remedies

In recent years the teeth whitening industry has shifted away from a monopoly once held by licensed dentist with most methods now available in both on and offline retail stores. Even with comparable at home teeth whitening systems competing with in-office teeth whitening at a fraction of the price people are still looking to cut the cost by exploring at home teeth whitening remedies. While at home remedies do work, expect no more than 1-2 shades difference; and be prepared for the unwanted risk associated with these remedies.

Abrasive at home teeth whitening remedies

The most simplistic of the available at home remedies is the use of a tooth brush. Whitening of the teeth is simply the removal of stains. Some stains can be removed by the light friction caused by brushing with our without a whitening agent while the tough stains cannot. Available tooth brush whitening methods are whitening tooth paste and brushing with baking soda and water.

Both methods consist of abrasive materials that aid in the removal of tough stains; however will have little if any impact on tough tooth stains. The down fall of using abrasive materials is that it also damages the tooth”s enamel which can NEVER be restored and will likely result in tooth sensitivity and dental problems later in life.

Acidic At Home Teeth Whitening Remedies

While it seems counterproductive, it is suggested that brushing your teeth with fruit juices such as mashed strawberries (which contain ascorbic acid) or lemon juice (citric acid) will help combat tooth stains due to their acidic base. Keep in mind that all acids are harmful to teeth and it is not recommended you brush with them. Brushing your teeth after the consumption of fruit is highly recommended.

An old and well known teeth whitening remedy is the act of eating an apple but once again, apples due contain acids so be sure to brush!

If you opt for any of the above at home tooth whitening remedies just remember that the $50-$100 you save on professional at home teeth whitening systems could end up costing you $1,000’s of dollars in dental work and tooth sensitivity later on in life due to damaged tooth enamel.

Your best bet is to purchase custom teeth bleaching trays from your dentist (about $300-$500) or from an online retailer such as for less that $100.

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