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At Home Teeth Whitening Reverses Tooth Discoloration

Teeth color is sensitive to stains and bacteria. Drinks often found at home such as soda and some juices contain high amounts of acid, sugar and intensely pigmented molecules will not whiten teeth but in fact darken them. Bacteria inside the mouth convert sugars into acids that stick to the teeth, corroding teeth enamel and converting into plaque. Drinks high in sugar include artificially flavored and processed juices, carbonated drinks and energy drinks.

Carbonated drinks are worst combination of sugar and acid for deterioration of tooth enamel and color. While at home teeth whitening systems will reverse the discoloration it will not protect the enamel from erosion. Diet drinks may not have sugar but their acidic element is still pretty damaging for teeth. Drinks with a high amount of acid erode layers of tooth enamel, making them more vulnerable to bacteria attack and stains.

Drinks such as red wine, coffee, black tea and berry juices can also stain teeth. The high concentration of intensely pigmented molecules stains the enamel and a combination of all three types can be devastating for dental health and tooth color over time.

Drinks that are good for teeth are those low in sugars, acids and intensely pigmented molecules. Non-carbonated, Colorless, No sugar added, essentially anything unprocessed fruit are considered good for teeth. Citric fruit drinks high in acid should be consumed with meals to neutralize their effect.

Beverages that are good for your teeth are water, milk and root beer based drinks. The Academy of General dentistry has showed through research that root bear products do not contain the acidic elements found in carbonated drinks, putting them into the list of drinks that do not harm your teeth. Water containing fluoride repairs tooth enamel and the calcium in milk makes teeth stronger making them the healthiest drinks for teeth.

Dr. Otto D.D.S. Supports At Home Teeth Whitening Systems

“While dentist may frown upon it for financial reasons, at home teeth whitening product are typically sufficient for whitening tooth discoloration caused by drinks that have a negative effect on your teeth.”

Erin Stelbrink

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