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VIDEO: Balancing Oral pH

Acidic foods are known culprits of offsetting our oral pH leaving it far from balanced. Go figure, you eat your fruits as you should and like everything else there’s a negative. Dr. Scott Frey has put together a simple at home solution for rebalancing your oral pH!

According to Dr. Frey of FreySmiles Oral Health Network, Sugary snacks (fruits included) combined with the bacteria in your mouth team up to create an overwhelming amount of acid, far more than saliva can handle. Typically oral pH is out of whack for about 30 minutes before the saliva washes the acids away, however according Frey, acidic buildup on or around areas of the tooth with plaque buildup can take several hours before the pH reaches equilibrium.

The video below demonstrates how to create a solution at home. You may be wondering “why does care about acidic buildup?” Well, acid wreaks havoc on the teeth when it comes in contact for prolonged periods. Damaged teeth results in tooth sensitivity and when customers experience tooth sensitivity they blame our teeth bleaching gel when in fact it’s their diet and oral hygiene. I have also shared some of Dr. Frey’s tips for reducing tooth sensitivities post teeth bleaching with our custom fitted bleaching trays in an article that can be found here. Take care of your teeth SB customers!

Erin Stelbrink

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