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Description of Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Most Common Uses of Carbamide peroxide

Carbamide peroxide is a white crystalline solid compound similar to hydrogen peroxide. When dissolved with water it gives out hydrogen peroxide. It’s relatively inexpensive and hundreds of tons are produced annually. Due to its bleaching and disinfecting qualities, Carbamide peroxide is widely used by pharmaceutical companies. It is mainly used for whitening teeth, treating minor inflammations, oral soars and for emulsifying earwax.

Teeth whitening treatments is one of its most popular uses for carbamide peroxide. The tooth bleaching properties of carbamide peroxide allows it to stick to the tooth enamel in gel form and oxidize the stains through the hydrogen peroxide produced. Bleaching/whitening effects differ depending on the application time and the concentration of carbamide peroxide in the whitening gel.

Consider the Following When Purchasing Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening treatment usually comes packed in syringes or teeth whitening pens for convenience. The syringes are used to apply the gel on custom whitening trays for individual users. The mouth tray allows maximum contact with teeth without missing narrow areas between teeth. Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening treatments usually come in packs of 2-6 syringes depending on size of the syringe and on the longevity of the treatment. Whitening gels vary in concentration from as low as 9% to as much as 40%. Syringes size also varies from 1 to 5ml; with one application requiring approximately 0.5ml of gel per mouth tray. The price of a kit can be $15 to $40 depending on the size of the kit and brand.

Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Safety

Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening treatments have become one of the most convenient and widely used whitening solutions. Its ease of application along with noncorrosive, abrasive less whitening property allow it to be used without any risk to the teeth enamel or gums. It smooth outs and whitens teeth by removing intrinsic and extrinsic stains that accumulate over time. Its gum and teeth friendly chemical composition also allows it to be used regularly depending on personal needs, without any risk to the user.

Use of Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel is generally safe under prescribed directions. Very high concentration of Carbamide peroxide in whitening gel and prolonged contact with teeth and gums can cause chemical burns as well as give a bleached effect to teeth. Prolonged contact of high concentration gel can also damage cellular structure of the skin membranes inside the mouth. Teeth can remain sensitive to hot and cold for a few days after use along with mild gum irritation. Some users may suffer from the rebounding effect due to which the whitening effect may be lost due to rehydration of the teeth.

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