Who should NOT use teeth whitening? Our products are not intended for use on children under 12 years of age, women that are pregnant, breastfeeding, or currently undergoing fertility treatments. Those currently being treated for a serious illness e.g. immune compromised, AIDS, etc., should consult a medical professional before beginning applications. When in doubt, it is always best to seek advice of a dentist for any further concerns. Whitening is not recommended for people who experience chronic sensitivity, uncontrolled periodontal disease, oral cancer, or excessively worn and damaged enamel. Teeth that appear translucent may worsen with each whitening application and should be discontinued upon notice. There is no solution for shade change of dental crowns, veneers and fillings other than replacement of the restoration. It is recommended that cavities be treated, and gums are healthy before any whitening procedure is considered. 855-944-8361 855-944-8361 Credit Card
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Who should NOT use teeth whitening?

Pregnant/ Breast Feeding

Our products are not intended for use on women that are pregnant, breastfeeding, or currently undergoing fertility treatments. Tooth whitening is a cosmetic concern; currently there are no tests on the effects of the ingredients.

Excessive dental work on front teeth

Dental restorations are highly durable and designed to strengthen and protect tooth structure. Unlike natural teeth, a dental restoration does not have the capability to absorb whitening agents. Natural teeth have pores and irregularities that can harbor even the smallest amounts of debris and bacteria, while fillings and crowns have been glazed or polished and rounded to create a glassy smooth surface. It is possible that if the underlying natural tooth is exposed to the whitening product, the restoration may appear lighter. Thus is made possible if the veneer has enough translucency to allow visibility of the natural shade of the tooth. Read more...

Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic personal expectations, and a disregard to follow direction are the main reasons for whitening disappointment. Given that someone is following the directions, they will get results at some level. Almost anyone with a permanent detention is a candidate of tooth whitening. Understanding that the variety of outcome is very widespread. It is merely impossible to gauge whitening outcome. Each given situation is unique. Final results reflect the individuals natural tooth color, how stubborn the stain is, how long the stain has been there, and the system you choose. Read more...

Under the age of 12 years old

The use of tooth whitening on children is not advised for several reasons. The mineral content of baby a baby tooth is considerably less than that of a permanent tooth, putting a child at a greater risk for demineralization. There is a higher risk of irreversible tooth damage caused by abuse and overexposure. Accidental consumption of whitening gel is also a concern in children. Read more...

About the author: Erin Stelbrink is a Registered Dental Hygienist with 5+ years of experience as a licensed hygienist and oral health care professional. She holds a passion for researching and acquiring awareness of the latest technologies and methods for providing valuable health care service and clinical treatment. Have more questions? Email Erin at erin@smilebrilliant.com