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How many teeth whitening gel syringes do I need?

There is no one size fits all answer to exactly how many gel syringes will be required to remove all stains.

Variables that help determine the number of syringes needed are: stain type, age, frequency of applications, duration of each application, and the concentration of the peroxide in the teeth whitening gel.

The most common stain types are those caused by foods and beverages which is how the following recommendation is determined. If you have been diagnosed with special stain types such as fluorosis or tetracycline stains you should refer to this article.

Stains that have been accumulating for many years will require more applications than stains that have been accumulating for only a few months therefore the following recommendation is based on age.

Ages 14-25

Ages 26-40

Ages 41+

3 gel syringes

4-6 gel syringes

7-9 gel syringes

If you are 40 but had your teeth professionally cleaned a year ago then you will need substantially less gel than recommend above however there is no harm in ordering extra because Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening gel has a 1 year shelf life when stored at room temperature or 2 years when stored in the refrigerator.

Dietary habits and duration of applications can change the above recommendation

It is recommended using the product daily for 1-3 hours per application; however if application times are an hour or less you may need more applications than indicated above. In contrast if each application is 3 hours or greater you may require few applications, however it is not recommended exceeding 3 hours due to increased tooth sensitivity. If this is your first time using professional teeth whitening it is advised beginning your first 1-3 applications for the duration of 30-60 minutes to gauge tooth sensitivity. If tooth sensitivity is mild to non-existent then gradually increase application duration.

Dietary habits during the 1-2 weeks can also affect the number of applications required due to the risk of re-staining your teeth. There is an ingredient in tooth whitening that causes the pores in our teeth to open allowing the whitening gel to flow in and remove the deeply embedded stains. These pores will remain open for up to 48 hours after each application which means if you’re whitening your teeth daily for 1-2 weeks then your pores are always open. When the pores are open it is VERY easy to re-stain the teeth if you consume coffee, tea, wine, soda, sauces, or tobacco. If you must consume these things during the 1-2 weeks of treatment’s then do so with caution and be sure to swish water around in your mouth afterwards to attempt to rinse your teeth. Drink with a straw when possible.

Solution to tooth re-staining: the desensitizing gel not only helps offset tooth sensitivity but it also helps prevent re-staining of the tooth. Too learn more read this article. If you plan on also getting desensitizing gel (which we recommend for everyone) then you should get an equal amount to that of teeth whitening gel.

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