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#1 Sensitive Teeth Remedy

The MOST common side effect of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. The vast majority will experience it to some degree, but for most, tooth sensitivity is mild and not considered an issue. A select few describe their tooth sensitivity as “excruciating” and are unable to continue with their teeth whitening treatments. If you are among this small group of people it’s always advised you consult with your dentist before exploring sensitive teeth remedies. In the mean time for relief you can take a pain reliever such as Ibuprofen. Those aware of their tooth sensitivity and approved to use teeth whitening by their dentist should consider a pre-whitening remedy commonly referred to as desensitizing gel (potassium nitrate).

Desensitizing gel application:

Application frequency and duration varies per condition. Those with less severe sensitivity will simply apply it once prior to each teeth whitening session; however those with more severe sensitivity may opt to apply it nightly for 3-7 days while sleeping before beginning their first whitening session and then once before each whitening session.

Step 1: Apply Desensitizing gel to the front inner surface of the teeth whitening tray.

applying desensitzing gel to teeth whitening trays

This is the portion that comes in contact with the front surface of your teeth. Given some of the teeth whitening gel may pool at the bottom of your trays during your whitening session it is recommended you also apply a thin layer of the desensitizing gel to the bottom of your trays as well. Note that by doing so you will only get 2 applications per desensitizing gel syringe versus the otherwise stated 3 applications.

Step 2: Insert trays in a forward pressing motion

applying desensitzing gel to teeth whitening trays

The forward pressing motion will reduce the likelihood of pushing the gel to the bottom of the tray. Unlike the teeth whitening gel, the desensitizing gel does not have a “sticky formula” which means the forward pressing motion is important to ensure some of the gel holds to the front surface of your teeth.

Step 3: Wear trays for 30 minutes up to 8 hours.

applying desensitzing gel to teeth whitening trays

As mentioned before, application times will vary per person based on the severity of their tooth sensitivity. Some users will be find with 15-30 minutes prior to each session while others should sleep with the desensitizing gel in their trays. Either way once your desensitizing gel application is complete the teeth whitening gel application should follow for an additional 1-8 hours (8 hours if sleeping).


Research and consumer feedback indicates desensitizing gel is the most effective sensitive teeth remedy. It may not entirely relieve the user of tooth sensitivity but at the very least it will reduce the severity to a tolerable level. Desensitizing gel can be purchase at

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