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53% of singles find a great smile the most attractive feature

According to grabstats 40 million Americans use online dating services as a means of connecting with a potential mate which equates to about 40% of the single adult population. Those profiles with photos receive more than twice as many responses to their emails. Those with photos are also 2X more likely to be pursued. With that being said a prospects appearance is a VERY important means of judgment when looking for a date. Given “53% of singles find a great smile the most attractive feature” it seems appropriate to invest in custom fitted teeth whitening trays.

Erin Stelbrink

Erin Stelbrink is a Registered Dental Hygienist with 11+ years of experience as a licensed hygienist and oral health care professional. She holds a passion for researching and acquiring awareness of the latest technologies and methods for providing valuable health care service and clinical treatment. Have more questions? Email Erin at