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Teeth Whitening Gel Reviews

Teeth Whitening Gel Reviews: How to determine which brand(s)to trust?

With so many teeth whitening gels on the market, it can be overwhelming to try and sift out the good products from the bad. Carbamide or hydrogen peroxide? Ten percent or 35? How many milliliters is a good deal? What if they expire?

In this article, we’re going to go through a comprehensive review of teeth whitening gel along with some of the main competitors’ price points, selling features and bad calls, many of which aren’t written on the box.

Review of what makes teeth whitening gel good?

Let’s look at some of the main products on the market:

  • Smile Brilliant!
  • Opalescence
  • Bleach Pro
  • GLO Brilliant

When reviewing various brands of teeth whitening gel it’s difficult for those with limited knowledge to determine what makes for the best teeth whitening gel? We can’t speak for other companies, but at Smile Brilliant!, we ensure that our products are created with a quick turnaround. Most companies will order enough in bulk for 6-12 months. SmileBrilliant! stocks only a 6 week supply which means the gel is guaranteed to have a 2 year shelf life when you receive it!

When whitening gels expire early

Larger companies will often rely on warehouses filled with the product and repackage old material. This may lead to premature expirations.
You can always tell an expired gel, the substance itself turns a foggy white and reveals the fact that its been oxidized by sitting around too long [Harrison, 2011]. This doesn’t mean it’s dangerous to apply, but it won’t do much good, either. It would be like trying to whiten your teeth with just water.

At Smile Brilliant!, we guarantee at least one year when gels are kept outside of the fridge and two years when kept inside.

Getting bang for your buck

Second when reviewing teeth whitening gel, you have to look not just at the cost, but the fluid ounce or milliliter amount. You can buy whitening gel over-the-counter at Walgreens for $10, but when you open the box you might find the tube contains less than 1ml of gel, enough, perhaps, for a single treatment, which won’t whiten your teeth. Multiple applications are required (Haywood, 1999).

For example, at Smile Brilliant! we have a sale on three syringes for $35, six for $55, or 9 for $69. The former is $11.66 per syringe, and the latter $7.77.

Remember that you can only store them for up to two years, and will need to use them once every few months, some sites, like Bleach Pro, offer a baffling 50 syringes for $120. Yes, that’s only $2.40 per syringe, but when were they made? How quickly do they expire? Even if it’s after two years, which is skeptical for a warehouse of that size, we’d be shocked if anyone could that many in such a short amount of time.

Review of other benefits of whitening gels

Different companies will promote different aspects of their gels. Some might focus on their fluoride options, and stress how pleasant the taste of their gels is. Opalescence, for example, offers three flavors, which is a nice option.

All gels will cause some minor discomfort, especially higher doses of peroxide, typically a lower amount, like GLO Brilliant’s 6%, will need more time to take effect but will cause less sensitivity; a higher amount (Bleach Pro offers 35% mixtures) cannot be left on the teeth for longer than an hour at most, and is more likely to cause gum irritation.

At Smile Brilliant!, in addition to our evenly-mixed 22% gel, we pride ourselves on offering a desensitizing gel to complement it. A small amount of this can assuage even the most sensitive teeth. If you end up using out teeth whitening gel and wish to submit your own teeth whitening gel review for us to publish we will send you 2 free gel syringes as a thank you!

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