Smile Brilliant’s Tooth Desensitizing Gel Ingredients

Each of the 7 listed ingredients in Smile Brilliant’s tooth desensitizing gel serves a unique puropose ranging from controling distribution to remineralizing the dehydrated tooth.

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Thickens and controls the flow of the substance from overextending to the gum tissues.

Potassium nitrate

Acts directly on intra-dental nerves, causing depolarization, thus preventing pain transmission.

Sodium Fluoride & Sodium Monofluorophosphate

Occludes dentinal tubules by creating a barrier with calcium fluoride crystals on the tooth surface.

Deionized Water

filters the moisture out of tubules allowing permeability of the desensitizing agents

Carbopol (carboxypolymethylene)

is a bonding agent, assists the composition and retention of the substance to the tooth creating an adhesive property


added for flavor purpose

Sodium Saccharine

Artificial sweetener added to offset bitterness

Erin Stelbrink

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