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Can I use cariPRO™ replacement brush heads on Sonicare toothbrushes?

Yes! Our replacement brush heads can be used on nearly all Philips Sonicare electric tooth brushes. This includes the following models:

  • DiamondClean (all models)
  • HealthyWhite+
  • 2 Series plaque control
  • ProtectiveClean

If you have any questions about your toothbrush or the right replacement brush head for you, contact us today and we’re happy to help!

NOTE: The brand names mentioned above are registered trademarks of Philips Corp. Smile brilliant is not an authorized distributor, nor otherwise associated with Philips. Smile Brilliant does, however, represent its cariPRO™ replacement brush heads as brush heads that are compatible with and usable on the models mentioned above.