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Tips for making the perfect impression

Making your own dental impressions is easy and fast! The key to a good impression is ensuring you are conscious of a few simple things:

  • Mix the putty thoroughly. The blue and white putty should mix into a uniform, light blue color. If the putty looks marble-like, it hasn’t been mixed enough.
  • Your teeth are centered on the putty and all teeth enter the putty at the same time. You dont want to push your front teeth in before your back teeth (or vice versa).
  • When making the impression, the teeth sink into the putty all the way up to the gum line. You’ll know you have a good impression if you can clearly see the arch where the teeth meet the gums.
  • Leave the impression material in for enough time. You can continuously touch your finger to the excess putty that has oozed out. If it’s still soft, leave it in!

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