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I have my whitening trays, what do I do now?

Enhancing your whitening experience

Do I need to brush and floss?

It is best to brush with water only and floss before each whitening application. If there is debris on the tooth surface, the whitening will need to penetrate the debris to begin removing the stain. Without proper oral hygiene preparation, results could take twice as long as the average expected results.

How much Gel should I put in the trays?

Apply a thin, steady ribbon of gel front inner surface of the tray that comes in contact with the front of the teeth. Important: Overloading trays with gel may cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. A little gel goes a long way! Something to keep in mind, 1 gel syringe = about 3-4 full applications (1 full application being both the upper and lower teeth).

How do I clean and store my trays?

Trays should be rinsed with cold water, dried with a cotton tip applicator and stored in the case provided. The case should be stored in a cool, dry place. The whitening trays should not be rinsed with mouthwash, over time the alcohol in the mouthwash will cause the trays to dry out and crack.

How long should I leave in the whitening trays?

The whitening applications can be used up to 3 hours each session. Unless you have serious sensitivity issues, it is important to be consistent with the applications. The whitening process begins on the tooth surface and cycles deeper into the tooth tissue. Whitening results reflect concentration and time. The longer the stain has been on the tooth, the deeper in the tissue the whitening has to diffuse.

Are there any diet restrictions during the whitening process?

During the entire length of whitening treatments, you should avoid the consumption of staining foods and beverages as much as possible. For example; coffee, tea, red wine, red sauces, mustard, soy sauce, dark soft drinks, berries, tobacco, and citrus beverages. Anything that will stain a white t-shirt; will stain your teeth!

How do I use the desensitizing gel?

The steps to using the desensitizing gel are very similar to the whitening gel instructions. The desensitizing gel is to be applied after the whitening application. In severe sensitivity cases, the desensitizing gel can be used before and after the whitening applications. It is important to apply desensitizing gel before the whitening ONLY when necessary; this will slow the whitening process. The desensitizing gel is a 5 to 15-minute application. You should not rinse after removal of the trays with the desensitizing gel only! Constant saliva contact to the teeth is necessary for the finalization of this process. Refrain from consumption of food or beverage for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Where should I keep the gel syringes?

The whitening gel is activated by light; constant exposure to light will diminish the efficacy of the gel. Smile Brilliant packaging keeps the whitening gel fresh, after use of each gel syringe replace the syringe back into original packaging until the syringe is empty. It is also a good idea to keep them refrigerated to maximize shelf life.

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