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Do you ship outside the United States (international shipments)? What is the cost?

Yes! We are able to ship to most countries throughout the world. The shipping fee will be different for each country (total fees will show in your shopping cart at checkout.This fee covers 2-way shipping: the cost to ship your tray creation package to you and the cost to ship your completed custom-fitted trays (after our lab has created them) back to you. For select countries, 3-way shipping: shipping tray creation system, pre-paid postage to send your impressions to our lab, and shipping the completed trays to you is covered in the total fee. This will be mentioned in the shipping caption at the time of checkout. If your country is only covered under 2-way shipping, you will be responsible for the cost to ship your dental impressions to us. The cost for this is typically around $10-15 USD (varies by country). We recommend obtaining a tracking number from your post office when you ship your impressions!
Please note that Smile Brilliant is not responsible for customs fees/import taxes.